Boxed Games Sets and Playing Cards

  Design Price
G1 The Drying Up Game 11.90
G2 The ‘Who Makes the Tea Game?’ 11.90
PLAY1 Preposterous Playing Card Pack 5.95
PLAY2 Peculiar Playing Card Pack 5.95
PLAYDOUBLE Double (Peculiar and Preposterous) 11.90


Boxed Game Sets

There are two boxed game sets available, each devised and drawn by Simon Drew
Each game is printed onto a cotton teatowel and is placed in a box, along with a greetings card + envelope, counters in the form of plastic fruit pieces or teddy bears and a label explaining the ‘rules’ (though they’re self-explanatory once you look at the game itself).

Each is an ideal gift for anyone with a quirky sense of humour who enjoys indoor games and wants to avoid drying up or making tea!

G1 The Drying Up Game
G2 The ‘Who Makes the Tea Game?’

The ‘Drying Up Game’ is a sort of snakes & ladders idea, but depicting corkscrews instead of snakes and wooden spoons instead of ladders.

Navigating your fruit-piece counter up the board with dice throws, you hope to avoid kitchen-themed forefeits and gain ground up wooden spoons. The last player to reach the top has to do the drying up ( - you decide how often!)

The ‘Who Makes the Tea?’ game is a race towards the central teapot . Get there first with your teddy bear counter and you are exempt from having to make the tea. Biscuit icons encourage you; forfeits impede your progress.
Each game is a witty take on traditional family board games. The greetings card and teatowel are useful items as well as detailed illustrations by Simon Drew.

Simon Drew’s Playing Cards

There are two sets of playing cards designed by Simon Drew. Each is a standard 52-card deck + 2 jokers – but with a twist. The face of each card bears an illustration by Simon. There are 54 different illustrations per pack.They otherwise conform to all the usual rules of card packs, with all cards in every suit accurately represented.

PLAY1 Preposterous Playing Card Pack
PLAY2 Peculiar Playing Card Pack


PLAY1 Preposterous Playing Card Pack
PLAY2 Peculiar Playing Card Pack

The pack of ‘Preposterous Playing Cards’ has a red-bordered puffin design on each back, whilst on the back of the pack of ‘Peculiar Playing Cards’ the puffin design is blue-bordered, so that you can play a game of bridge using the two packs together.


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